The Company

WAV Energy Pte. Ltd. (WAVE) was incorporated in Singapore under the Companies Act (CAP. 50) as an exempt private company limited by shares, on March 01, 2016 and its registration number is 201605273W. WAVE aims to be an energy company.

WAVE was formed to provide the platform for the acquisition of oil and gas assets with a view to develop and manage these assets to realize the full potential of the hydro-carbon resources within those assets acquired and to achieve that within the time period accorded by its accompanying licenses.

WAVE has three underlying philosophies describing its mission:


With the wind, the wave is a movement that gathers strength and momentum, capable of creating energy and generating power. We are a company that will grow in stature, widening its impact as it makes its moves.


We identify opportunities and acquire the rights to exploit and maximize their potential; we build assets.


We generate value with every effort, so as to realize the targeted and desired goals and aspirations.


Corporate Objective and Strategies

In pursuing its acquisition objectives, WAVE will focus on realizing and exploiting the potential and prospects of oil and gas assets through identifying the best and optimum strategies and plans to develop the production prospects and effectively manage the production aspects. It acts to confirm and thereafter acquire rights for the following types of oil and gas assets:

  • discovered oil and gas fields;
  • small to medium size assets;
  • with relatively low to moderate risk profiles; and
  • that will allow for quick realization of the value in those assets.

WAVE intends to build a portfolio of several oil and gas assets in developing and under developed economies, with fairly active and robust oil and gas industries, and in countries that aim to build a good track record of building its oil and gas industry to spur their national growth aspirations.

WAVE will acquire such rights with the objective of:

  • having majority equity control; and
  • full control or joint-control in the development and production operations of these oil and gas assets.

WAVE aims to position itself as an independent, international E&P company and to focus on oil and gas assets located in the Asia and nearby regions.

Several assets have been assessed as potential acquisition targets from which it has identified two as its first candidates for acquisition, marking its maiden acquisition.

WAVE is confident that it can deliver good consistent results, as it aims to be an independent oil and gas company with a portfolio of assets across countries actively developing their oil and gas resources.

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